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Rochesterfest starts soon, so a LOT of people will be walking in and around Soldiers Field in Downtown Rochester. That's awesome, it'll be fun...and maybe I'll finally get my answer to, "Who Is the Lady At Soldiers Field?"

We know her name...M. Jean Kolb. And that's all we know.

I've searched hither and yon, written emails to to people that should know and don't...people that shouldn't know and don't, and that's just for M Jean Kolb. If you watched the video, you know that there's the big mystery, and then the little mystery.

The big mystery: Who is M. Jean Kolb and why is she honored there?

The little mystery: Why is her husband a few feet over with an arrow point to M. Jean Kolb?

James Rabe
James Rabe

Watch the video to see where they're located, check them out for yourself, and ask around. Crowdsourcing is the only way this'll be solved. I've been trying on my own since years ago...like 2016!

In the meantime, here's the story I made up for myself...I tell you why I made it up in just a second.

There's nothing to tell us about him, so I can't look up his name. Just MJK's. So, maybe she's not even from town. Maybe "Her Husband" flew to Los Angeles when he was 25, got off the plane, met M. Jean and fell in love when they bumped into each other on an escalator heading to the clearance floor of the old school Marshall Fields. "Chocolates?", he asked, "Heavens no, caramels!" she replied. It was sweet love at first sight.

I made the story up because...NO ONE KNOWS anything about this mystery...which is why it is STILL a mystery!

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