Not only is it New Year’s Eve, it is also National Champagne Day!  

National Champagne Day is always observed annually on December 31st.  True champagne only comes from France’s Champagne region.  However, there is plenty of bubbly available from Italy, California, and even the South of France.  

A young monk, age 19, Dom Perignon invented champagne by accident on August 4th, 1693. While serving his career as a cellar master, he was asked to rid one of the batches of sparkling wine of the bubbles, it could not be done.  Therefore, the famous bubbly drink was born.  Perignon exclaimed to his fellow monks, “Come quickly I am drinking the stars!”
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Ringing in the new year is a great way to celebrate National Champagne Day!

Go ahead, pop open a bottle of your favorite bubbly and celebrate accordingly!

(Remember to always drink responsibly and to never drink and drive!)