It was just a fire, I've built and burned a bunch. But this time, it was different. And beautiful.

The nooks and crannies, the light crackling you can hear, the little mountain with the smiley face in it, and the way the bark and the log have separated? I could look at it for hours!


Well, not really FOR HOURS, but I did sit there for twenty minutes, studying them. Like I said above, I've burned a lot of fires, and have never seen a burn like this. It's almost like a careful sculpture by an artist. Hollowing out here, adding ash there, maybe a little red to remind us of fire.

Thank you mother nature for burning 'em just right, and splitting 'em in two. It filled a full 20 minutes of my Sunday.

A few weeks ago I tried something new. I made a slo-mo video of the fireplace. It was my first time, so it's not perfect, but holy moly is it soothing.

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