It's my first attempt at slo-mo and calming video, so please, be kind. 

I've been house-sitting at one of the coolest homes in Rochester for...oh...2 years next week. It's giving me the chance to pay down a ton of medical debt, which is huge for me.

But it's also given me a chance to appreciate the quiet. It's up a hill, out in the country, and I only need to hear the neighbors if I go talk to them.

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The fireplace is in a big ol' empty room with huge windows (overlooking the HUGE back "yard"). I set up a TV, a couple comfy chairs, and sit there all the time, sometimes just sitting to drink coffee and look at deer in the yard. Or drink cocktails in front of the fire.

So, one night, I have a good fire goin', and I grab my iPhone and I do a slo-mo. It's my first time,so it's not anywhere close to perfect, and I had some trouble with focus, but it's pretty cool, and, I realized, really relaxing and calming!

If you love soothing, meditating videos, I think you'll like it.

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