A respectful, polite way to deal with noisy neighbors is to start with a conversation about their noise level. Calling the police or informing authorities is another, though slightly more escalated, option. However, if those don't work, seeking revenge by taking on home improvement projects is always an option.

On Reddit, a crafty homeowner got the ultimate payback on their noisy neighbors by loudly hammering nails that were beginning to bubble up on their older deck.

"The last couple years, the house next door to mine was rented to a few 20-something dudes who would party and play loud music until like 4 am," the anonymous homeowner wrote, taking their story to Reddit.

The homeowner explained the two houses are close together, so the noise level was piercing — even with the windows shut.

"Doing it on the weekends was bad enough. But sometimes it would be on a Thursday, and I'd have to work the next day on just a couple hours sleep ... Needless to say, I was always pissed and petty when this happened," they continued.

After enduring countless sleepless nights through rounds of loud tunes and laughter, the homeowner decided to take matters into their own hands by checking some items off their home to-do list.

"Now, my house has a wooden deck in the back, and it wraps around the same side of the house that faces these neighbors. It's a pretty old deck, and the nails work their way up over time, so periodically, I have to hammer them back in," the homeowner explained.

"When the [neighbors] would party super late, I'd wake around seven... and at 7:30, I'd get out my hammer and start hammering my deck nails in," they shared.

Naturally, after raging all night, the party animals weren't too keen about their early morning wake-up call.

"Sometimes one of the guys would scream out in frustration, and it was very satisfying," the homeowner wrote, snidely adding, "I don't sleep, you don't sleep, dude."

The homeowner revealed the noisy 20-somethings eventually moved. "I like to think I had something to do with it," they proudly added.

In the comments section, many applauded the clever retaliation tactic.

"This sounds awesome. I did something similar to my neighbor as well," one person wrote, adding, "She would stand on her balcony and speak very loudly through the day. I asked her a few times to speak a little less loud. Nothing changed till [sic] I started playing music on my loud Bluetooth speakers whenever she got a call. She does not like Metallica or techno."

"Are you my neighbor [sic]? Because there's someone who hammers here every goddamn weekend morning, and my roommate and I are sick of it," another Reddit user joked.

"Ah, that felt satisfying to me, and I was just reading it. People who are d---s to their neighbors don't deserve their beauty sleep," someone else commented.

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