Mural in Rochester, Minnesota has a purpose...and it is WAY bigger than getting great selfies!

I love all the art, especially the murals that are around Rochester, Minnesota.  And a set of wings showed up about a year ago that are absolutely gorgeous! But the purpose  - it's way bigger than just a great selfie.  In fact, when I learned why the huge, white wings were painted on the giant, gray wall at Collins Orthodontics, I started crying.

Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams

It’s not just the new wings painted by the incredible @kelseymontagueart at our clinic that are so cool, but also it’s the story behind them…
I used to think I was brave. That I was strong. That I was a fighter. That I could be someone’s hero. But then I met real heroes. Annagrace. Carter. Jack. Anika. Hunter. Edra. All patients of mine who fought cancer and won. These families paid massive medical bills to undergo cancer treatment, and for many, braces was financially out of reach. For that reason, we have a program called the “adopt-a-shark” program that gives free braces to all children cancer survivors. And now we have wings painted on the outside of our clinic to symbolize hope and courage, all inspired by the brave children that face cancer across the world.
So whether you take a photo with the wings, contribute to our program, or drop encouraging words below to children fighting cancer, any type of support is appreciated.
ALL are welcome to take photos with the wings at my clinic, even if you are not one of our braces patients. ❤️
Love you all.
-Dr. C - Collins Orthodontics Facebook Page

Click away!  Your selfie can help kids fighting cancer in Rochester, Minnesota!

Knowing that a simple thing like a selfie can help spread the word about the Adopt A Shark program at Collins Orthodontics...I want to go take a new picture every day! 📷

My little sister was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 10.  When you hear people say the financial struggle is tough when you have a loved one fighting cancer, well, I remember multiple garbage bags full of medical bill statements when my sister was fighting for her life. We were just trying to have food to eat and enough gas money to get to the appointments to help save her life.

Although I can't go take a selfie every day, we can all help spread the love and help these kiddos and families out that have heard the word "cancer".  And taking a selfie is easy.  You can do it, then you can share this story, and then your friend will see it and they will go take a selfie...and you can be part of this selife snowball that will help kids who are some of the bravest kiddos around.

Where are the angel wings at in Rochester, Minnesota?

Here's where you need to go to grab that selfie.

  • 2946 Jeremiah Ln NW, Rochester, MN 55901

Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

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Check out these photos and see how Rochester, Minnesota has grown throughout the years.

Before Collins Orthodontics built their new location in NW Rochester, it used to be a farm.  I remember riding my bike on the trail by that road and seeing cows.  Lots and lots of cows. 🐄 You would never know today that cows used to roam around in that same spot.  Check out the photos below to see other areas of Rochester and how they have changed throughout the years.  It's pretty amazing!

Wow! Check out how Rochester has changed throughout the years in these Google photos.

As we are soaring down Hwy 52, it is hard to imagine what life was like in our town before the Target store was built where it is today. Or the house that you live in now, at one point in town, that wasn't there. In fact, Rochester has grown so fast throughout the years, most of our houses weren't even around 50 years ago! Don't believe me? Look through these photos to get a glimpse of what Rochester was like years ago.

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