It isn't odd for me to be klutzy, but this has happened in about 10 years! 

Usually, when I'm all klutzy, it's when I'm wearing a white shirt and a new tie. Actually, if I'm wearing a new tie, the shirt doesn't matter. A new tie will be stained within teh first 3 hours I'm wearing it.

Always, every time.

  • I wish I could tell you about the time I didn't ruin a new tie, but those stories do knot exist!
  • Married hang man were the best at their job, they knew how to tie the knot.
  • Attila was coaching a soccer team. He wanted them to win, but his Huns were tied.
  • The dictator was really upset about the neckwear he had received as a gift. What a tie rant.
  • Thought you tied your shoes right, eh? Frayed knot.
  • Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
  • A sailor has ties to home but is knot there often.
  • A business man who wanted more ties bought some in Thailand where ties are very collar full.