Remember the Tinn's location on Broadway? Well, it didn't stay empty long.

In its place is Rochester's latest Indian restaurant, Indian Kitchen, open only a month or so. I haven't eaten here yet, but the menu looks like your standard Indian cuisine menu with a few options I've not seen other places (see the menu here). One is the Chef's Special, described like this on the menu...

Goat meat cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, green chili, ginger, garlic paste incorporated with chef's choice of seasonings like garam masala, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaf, turmeric etc in a special medium sauce.

I've only had goat once, curried goat, during a Jamaican Independence day celebration. I loved it. I'm trying not to gush, but cinnamon and cardamom? Classic, full, rich, enticing flavors.


The look is a big change from Tinn's. Softer, darker colors with bits of color here and there, and the drapes, you can see in the picture, give it a nice vibe. See pics HERE.

Open the usual hours, including a lunch buffet. I'm guessing the closeness to the Mayo Clinic campus will be a big plus.

There' s been a sudden explosion of restaurants serving Indian cuisine, which makes this guy here very happy. What are the other Indian restaurants in Rochester?

  • Blue Diamond (Skyway)
  • India Garden (North Broadway)
  • Royal Indian Cuisine (South Broadway)

With Indian Kitchen right smack dab in the middle of India Garden and Royan Indian Cuisine, plus a floor up in the skyway, you're probably never more than 5 miles from naan, which always makes me say om nom naan. 

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