Every day we see a new fundraiser for someone in need of help. Today it is being run by an 11-year-old hoping to help her mom make it to the Mayo Clinic! Her name is Nemiah Martinez in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and most days she's watching mom have a real hard time with health issues. Mom needs a pancreas and a kidney, so many days she's too weak to get out of bed. Which means Nemiah is taking care of the household stuff, too.

Cleaning, Cooking, and Raising Money to Save Mom's Life.

For three weeks now, Miss Martinez has planted herself in the garage with two giant lemonade containers and sells as much lemonade as she can to raise enough money to save her mom's life. So far she's raised over $1,100In the video her mom says...

"I'm all like, 'well what are you going to do with your money?' She's like 'oh I don't want it for nothing. This is for you so you can go to the Mayo Clinic.'" Paloma said. "I'm like 'no baby, you worked for it, you keep it.' She said 'No mom, I've been wanting to do this so we can get you to the Mayo Clinic.'"

If you'd like to help, the family set up a GoFundMe page. Just click HERE to donate. So far the GFM page is almost up to $2,500.

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