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What's in a name? That's what the organizers of Minnesota's new women's soccer team are trying to find out, having just released 16 finalists for their official name.

If you've wondered just how some sports teams came up with their official name, Minnesota's new women's soccer team has shed some light on the process. The team, which is still in its organizational phase, has just released 16 finalists for its official name.

Some Minnesota sports team names are no-brainers, like the Twins or Vikings, right?  Even the name Timberwolves makes sense, given the fact that wolves are native to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Heck, even the name Wild (though unpopular with some Minnesotans) was chosen by the team out of a field of 13,000 submissions in a contest before the team joined the NHL back in 1997. (Other finalists then included Blue Ox, Freeze, Northern Lights, Voyageurs and White Bears.)

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So now, Minnesota's new pro women's soccer team, which will play in the USL-W league starting in the summer of 2022, has launched its own contest to find a team name, releasing 16 possible team names Wednesday, Sept. 29th. Investor voters will then narrow them down (only investors in the team, which will be community-owned will get to vote) before settling on 2 to 4 finalists the team will use to select its name.

My favorite is the Minnesota Whitetails, but you can find your own favorite on the official list of 16 finalists below. Speaking of names, the Bold North is famous for having some that only true Minnesotans know how to pronounce. Keep scrolling to see how many YOU know how to say correctly!

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