Every year they mock us. They sing their songs of conquest. They poop on us. We, the city and the citizens, have tried every way to stop the flighted beasts, to no avail. But finally, maybe one man's dream will rid us of this meddlesome beast.

That man is Tyler Aug and in his toolbag? Wit. Pathos. Sarcasm. And...mocking. His new movie, The Crows, is heavy on the mock...truly a mockumentary. If Mr. Aug pulls this off, and the crows leave Rochester, it will surely be a feather in his cap.

He was very funny during a recent interview. Click to listen to the whole conversation with James Rabe and Luke Lonien from Monday's Rochester Today on Rochester's Newstalk1340 KROC AM and 96-9 FM

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Credit: Tyler Aug
Credit: Tyler Aug

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