...but is it? Maybe. According to the song, Med City is "best" because it has "two of everything" - and that's true.

"There's a Shopko North, and a Shopko South!" ...yep! That's true too. Med City really does seem to have two of the same chains in a "north" and "south" location, but everyone seems to know what you mean when you mention that!

While I think that's awesome, no one thinks that fact is cool more so than local artist Chad Allen, who wrote the song. Take a listen here!

What did you think!? Chad got some help from "The Med City Boys" - who are: Sterling Haukom (engineer), John Sievers (trombone), Rick Swanson (banjo), Christopher Michael Roberts (guitar) and Adam Dickinson (standup bass). One comment on SoundCloud declares it "a good kind of dumb." I agree.

To celebrate the song release (and the hard work that went into creating a 1920's radio vibe in 2017), Chad created a "Med City is the Best City" themed art exhibit at Gallery 24. It's truly a fun-loving and humorous look at a city we've all come to love! So, if you don't have a sense of humor when it comes to Rochester - you probably don't want to see an over exaggerated corn cob water tower or Canadian goose.

Shout out to Chad and The Med City Boys for a cool, fun, project!

Chad Allen via Facebook
Chad Allen via Facebook

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