Survey time, dudes: Blondes or Brunettes? Redheads or Will You Take Anything?

I’ll let you think about that.

A new study out of Augsburg College here in Minnesota actually tried to find the answer to that age-old question (because science), and the results came through!

According to the study, men prefer…


YouTube / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
YouTube / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The study looked at 110 men, who were asked to rate women with different hair types. One caveat: they were only able to choose between blond, brown, and black, so I say this study is incomplete without adding red into the mix. What gives?! Overall, guys found that lighter hair is preferred over darker hair, with blond hair being associated with being younger, healthier, more attractive, and *cough* more promiscuous.

And when it comes to hair, apparently size matters. Guys prefer medium-length hair over long hair, perceiving it as being relationship material. Yeah, OK. Sure, Guy.

But if you’re a woman with darker hair, don’t worry! Most of the men in the study associate darker hair with “wife material.” Also, I’m single and don’t care about hair color or length whatsoever. Just throwing that out there.

Overall, I'd probably take this study with a grain of salt. 110 random dudes don't speak for all the dudes. I really don't think hair color matters in the long long. And again, I'm with Hutch on this.

Source: Ask Men


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