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Outside of buying a house, buying a vehicle is probably one of the biggest purchases we'll make. (Okay, paying for any secondary education these days, whether it's a two or four-year degree, is probably WAAY more expensive, come to think of it, but I digress.)

But just which cars keep their value the most? Well, thanks to the latest iSeeCars study, we have some interesting information. Like the fact that your car's depreciation is the biggest expense of owning a vehicle. Or the fact that the average new car in Minnesotas loses 48.5% of its value after five years. Yikes.

So just which vehicles held on to their value the most here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Well, the iSeeCars crew set out to figure that out. They looked at and analyzed more than 7.7 million new and used car sales to figure out which models had the highest and lowest loss in value after five years.

And the results? Here in Minnesota, the Toyota Tacoma held onto its value the most, depreciating only 29.8% over five years to come in at number-one on the list. Following were the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited which depreciated  33.7% and came in second on the list.  The Honda Civic (34.1%), Jeep Wrangler (34.3%), and the Toyota Tundra (36.1%) rounded out the top five vehicles that kept depreciated the least.

Another expensive part of owning a vehicle these days is keeping that tank filled up, even though gas prices in 2020 are lower than they've been in recent years. But keep scrolling to take a look at how cheap gasoline was when you first started driving!

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