Some people love getting everyone bundled up and heading out to a Christmas tree farm to cut down their own tree. They hunt carefully, "This one's great, hon, just remember the one with the bent branch on top."

Which always works, right? You can always find those trees you were sure you'd remember. ((snicker snicker)) But seriously, I've never done it, but I do love the idea of family traditions creating a memory.

But it's not for everyone. So there are tree lots. All over Rochester, in any open parking lot they can find, a tree seller can put out their trees and you just have to pick one.

amazon gift card

But now, there's a new way. The Amazon Way. Starting sometime in November, you'll be able to buy a seven-foot Douglas fir, Norfolk Island pine, and other types of trees. What'll it cost? Well, a seven-foot Frazer fir from North Carolina will cost you $115. (Source) By the way, if you're an Amazon Prime'r, the shipping is free.

They'll ship 'em in big boxes, but no water will be included. According to USA Today, they'll be cut and shipped within 10 days, so it'll get to your house fine. And won't dry out making your sketchy outlets a problem until after Christmas. KIDDING!

There's a trade group called the National Christmas Tree Association, and they don't think Amazon's delivery trees will cut into live-tree sales because people like the experience of shopping for the trees. I remember hearing retail stores saying that about clothes, too.

On social media, not everyone thinks this is a great idea...

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