Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office has concluded its investigation into what had been considered a possible deadly hit and run north of Rochester in August.

A 43-year-old Rochester resident called 911 to report he had just struck a man who was lying on Highway 63. The man who was run over was identified as 21-year-old Ramiz Hamzagic, who lived near the scene. Investigators weren’t sure if Hamzagic was dead before he was hit, possibly struck by another vehicle.The man who struck Hamzagic told investigators he swerved to avoid hitting a bicycle. He then spotted Hamzagic but could not stop in time to avoid running him over.

It has now been determined Hamzagic had been driving a motorized bicycle home when he crashed. The investigative report says “For an unknown reason, possibly due to injury, intoxication, or both, Ramiz went into a prone position, lying on his back,  in the northbound lane of Broadway Avenue.” 

It was learned Hamzagic had been at a party earlier that evening and consumed alcohol. Tests showed he had a blood/alcohol level of more than .19 at the time of his death.

Ramiz Hamzagic-photo from Olmsted County Sheriff''s office


The report says the conclusion of the investigation is that Hamzagic was hit and killed by the car driven by the man who called 911.  

It also notes, “ However, we are unable to confirm that suspicion due to the fact that the 43 year old male has exercised his rights to not speak to investigators any further.”

The sheriff’s office says at this time, the case is classified as inactive, meaning that “no further investigation will occur unless new, viable, information or evidence is learned.”

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