You're not going to believe it, but a guy from Bismarck, North Dakota is a dough-head. AND he got arrested for the improper serving of breakfast! I smell a Rabe Shot! Here's the whole sad story about a pretty SHELLfish man.


The man has a name, but I have to save that 'til the end. For now, he's just the North Dakota Dough-Head. NDDH for short.

The Bismarck Police Department was busy fielding some pretty angry calls on July 18th. The good people of Bismarck were upset because NDDH was busy egging their cars. More than 20 reports of car damage, and an egging at the elementary school!

Deviled eggs.

The police chief scrambled the officers, "Find this criminal! He's up to the DEVELEDS business!" Reviewing surveillance video, they found it was actually three guys. One doing the egging, one taking food from the Little Free Pantry box, and the other in the car and unidentifiable. Fortunately, NDHH is a dough-head and police found the car and, according to The Bismarck Tribune, "all of the vehicle's windows down and food items from the Little Free Pantry on the backseats and floorboards."

The car owner was arrested and he admitted to egging the school. His name? Benedict Ponzer! "Eggs" Benedict? That's just too perfect.

ps - This all happened in Bismarck, so I HAVE to hear this song...

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