We really live in a crazy world these days.  Really, I don't think we need yet one more thing to bring us down, but here is one suggested  by Science Daily. If nothing else being aware of it can help you to avoid the sadness trapdoor.

Nastco / ThinkStock

A new study has revealed that people that post regularly on Facebook had depression, lower self-esteem and a general feeling as if they 'lost control' after not posting on Facebook for two days.  TWO DAYS!?!  If you are interested in looking at the specifics, the data can be found by clicking here.  The study even mentions how just not getting likes or feedback lead to self esteem and sadness issues.

Pretty sad, eh?   I am really shocked about the two days thing.  I know that social media is very addictive, and if it weren't, by the vast majority of people, it wouldn't be as huge as it is right now.

My dad doesn't even own a computer.  He doesn't even want to.  I think that is weird, how does he function?   I think he is in a major minority these days however, but, well, he doesn't have to get down because nobody commented on his status, or he didn't post one for 2 days apparently.  I honestly think I'd have a hard time leaving my online accounts, especially Facebook.  I've checked it even on vacations.  Crazy!   Just remember, just because nobody comments or likes your status, it doesn't mean they don't like you.   We need to feel better about ourselves than that!   Well, if it does make you a little sad when it happens, you know you aren't alone, I suppose.