Yep, it's that time of year again.   You take photos to put into your Christmas cards to farm out to your relatives and pals.   You take pictures at your get togethers of people you haven't seen for quite some time. You take a pic with your smartphone and post it to Facebook or Twitter because everybody's doin' it.   And...  there are... some 'doozies' out there!

There is a website and a book put together by a place called, simply, "Awkward Family Photos" which capitalizes on people's creative ideas that ended up being, well... rather... silly looking back, or maybe that was their entire point.   I had a good laugh sifting through some of the photos that they label, 'Awkward.'  Take for example, this one.

Cr: Awkward Family Photos

Its a quilt of faces wearing jammies!

Cr: Awkward Family Photos

Hahaha....  but I do feel sorry for the younger sister.   It took me a second to actually see that.  Hopefully there was no serious harm in the shooting of this classic family momento.

Cr: Akward Family Photos

"Ummm.... "

Do you have any, strange, original, and unique family photos?   I can say that this one:

Awkward Family Photos

...reminds me of one of my families pictures from yesteryear.   I was the little girl pouting as I sat on my grandmothers piano bench next to my dad, mom, & sister.    I have no idea why I was providing the pout, but, I do know that the photographer captured my tantrum, in several different stages and my family has picked on me frequently for that one.

Selfies have become ultra popular with the ease and connivence of smartphones with cameras.  At least if you take a selfie and it ends up being weird, you can hit delete, and its gone.  There are some pretty awkward selfies too floating around.

Is it possible to ever tire oneself of looking at photos?  (Especially funny ones?)   They do often say that pictures say a thousand words.

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