You probably heard all about September's TikTok challenge. It was known as Devious Lick and encouraged students to vandalize school bathrooms. Heather Nessler, Executive Director of Communications, Marketing, Technology at Rochester Public Schools said nearly all of the RPS secondary buildings had issues that month.

There's apparently a new student challenge on TikTok each month.You can read about those below and see how the Olmsted Co. Sheriff's Department is addressing these criminal challenges.

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Distractify outlined each month's disturbing challenge:

Popular Video App Tik Tok Under National Security Review
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  • September: Vandalize school bathrooms
  • October: Smack a staff member
  • November: Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school
  • December: Deck the halls and show your balls
  • January: Jab a breast
  • February: Mess up school signs
  • March: Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria
  • April: “Grab some eggz” (another stealing challenge)
  • May: Ditch day
  • June: Flip off in the front office
  • July: Spray a neighbor’s fence

Olmsted Co. Sheriff's Department Issues Statement on TikTok Challenges:

"Many of you may have heard about a recent Social Media trend that encourages students to participate in criminal behavior while being recorded and post the content to TikTok. In fact, there is a monthly list of disrespectful and criminal challenges.
The Sheriff's Office strongly encourages parents, guardians, and community leaders to have conversations with youth about these challenges and the very real consequences that arise from participating.

Crimes Are Investigated and Criminals Will Be Prosecuted

The sheriff's department says, "The criminal codes that these disrespectful and criminal challenges violate range from Criminal Sexual Conduct, 5th Degree Assault, Criminal Damage to Property, and Theft. The Sheriff's Office takes this seriously, and any violation of the law in our community or schools will be investigated and enforced."

Using TikTok for Good

The Sherriff's office ended its message with news on how one area district is using TikTok for good, " On a positive note, the Byron High School and Middle School Student Councils are working with Byron School Resource Deputy Tom Olson to combat this trend by creating a "Positive Monthly TikTok Challenge". Stay tuned for more information."

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