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How did Covid-19 impact those of us living in Olmsted County? We now know, thanks to the COVID-19 Impact Survey from Olmsted County Community Health.

Overall, those of us living in Olmsted County reported a similar health status as in 2018 (the last time a needs assessment was done). As has been reported nationwide, during the pandemic, getting healthcare (especially visiting the dentist) has seen an increase in delays.

Olmsted County
Olmsted County

How Is Olmsted County's Mental Health

One of the least surprising results from the February/Marsh 2021 survey is the increase in residents reporting poorer mental health. This year it came in at 24% of Olmsted County residents saying they're dealing with worse mental health...in 2018 that number was 12%.

Interestingly, the percent of people reporting depression didn't budge (and hasn't since 2015), anxiety saw a slight increase, but 'other' saw the jump.

Olmsted County
Olmsted County

How Do I Get Help with My Mental Health?

Olmsted County Substance Use, Financial Stress, and Social Connections

  • Adults reported an increase in substance use since the pandemic began (19% reported an increase); alcohol was the most common.
  • Financial stress has increased since the start of the pandemic (21% of adults reported their household income decreased), with medical bills and rent/mortgage causing the most financial stress.
  • Social connections have decreased since the pandemic began. Olmsted County adults reported a decrease in communicating with their neighbors (51%) and family and friends (47.3%).

There is a lot of information in the report, if you have time to fall down the rabbit hole, please click HERE to read the Olmsted County COVID-19 Impact Survey Report

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PERSONAL NOTE: As someone in recovery for depression and anxiety, I understand how important it is to move around...how completing a task can be so beneficial. Maybe there's something in this gallery that'll spark your interest and make sure you get outside and work with your hands...

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