A phone scam seems to be going around the area again. This time they seem to be using a famous contest company to scam you. Here's the details...

A local resident has reported receiving a phone call claiming she had won a prize with “Publisher Clearing House”. The "PCH" does not call or email big winners. This is not a new scam.

Phone scams have been around for a LONG time. It's always jerk-head-crap-faces that want the same stuff as always. Your information, personal and financial. And by using a well known name like Publisher's Clearing House, people get so excited they don't stop and think.

Here's what the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office wants you to remember...

  • You never had to pay to receive a legitimate prize.

  • Never give out personal, confidential or financial information.

  • A check doesn’t mean you have won.

  • Do not believe your call I.D.

  • Do not open suspicious emails, text messages and links.

Make sure to remind the older folks in your life about this. Folks in their 80's and up are often targeted for victimization.


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