My boss at Townsquare Media in Rochester, Minnesota sent me a text today that made my mouth hang open for a bit.  Our boss is awesome (and he is hiring, btw) but I'm guessing I am like a lot of employees in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and throughout the United States that are wondering if Raising Cane's is ASAP.  If you haven't heard, the CEO and Founder of Raising Cane's went all out for his employees in a massive way.


Thousands of People in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois are Wondering if Raising Cane's CEO is Hiring

If you didn't hear what shocked the internet today, Todd Graves, the CEO and Founder of Raising Cane's, went and bought 50,000 lottery tickets for his 50,000 employees today.  Yeah, that's pretty awesome.  I'm not sure how they are getting passed out in time but I'm sure HR has that all figured out.

I'm sure that the number of people trying to apply at Raising Cane's today probably crashed their server.  I mean, I know a few people that looked to see what openings they had. <<wink, wink>>. And yes, we do have Raising Cane's in Minnesota.

Good luck to all of the employees!  And btw, I'm pretty sure I am related to all of you in some way.

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What's the biggest gift you've ever got from your boss?

I may have a lottery ticket waiting for me on my desk tomorrow...or not...we will see...but I'm wondering what awesome gift you've received from your boss?  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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