LinkdIn asked their members about their biggest pet peeves, and almost all of them can be stopped with one step. Here's what to do...

What were the biggest work-place pet peeves? The first one is a doozy! Worldwide, everyone hates it when co-workers don't own their actions. If you messed up, fess up!

After that it's constant complaining, meetings starting late or running too long, dirty areas that we all share, and people not responding to email (whooops!  That's me). latecomplain all the time, dirty common areas, meetings that start late or run long, and people who don't respond to email.

Here in the US, we hate when people steal our food from the fridge (as we should, you know it isn't yours...hands off!). The rest of the world...meh, not so much.


Japanese workers REALLY hate office pranks. Me, too. Maybe I have Japanese ancestry?

How can you fix these pet peeves in one step? Get everyone lunch from Subway and the NEW Y-105FM! Scroll on, scrolly!



Beautiful Businesswoman in Her Office Dreaming


Right now, you can put an end to the pet peeve anger, and get a Subway Classic Combo platter! Scroll down now and fill in the blanks, then every Friday Tracy McCray will randomly select an entry from all the entries and announce it between Noon and 1!

All week long Tracy'll play songs from your entries, so get ready to dance!

Free lunch for everyone at work...thanks Subway, and thank you for entering!

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