Duluth is one of the top vacation destinations in Minnesota.

Several weeks ago we booked a trip to Duluth. The trip was going to be centered around my son's third birthday. We wanted to do things he would enjoy like a go on a boat-ride, a train-ride and visit the Great Lakes Aquarium.

Now I've been on enough vacations to know that touristy things like those cost money - often times a lot of money! Thankfully, I was able to find the 'Must-See-Duluth Pass' online, before we left for our vacation, and it saved me some cash. This pass got us admission to all of those attractions at a discounted price. I purchased two passes. One for my wife and one for me (both kids were under 3 at the time so admission was free for them).

Train Ride
Boat Ride
Great Lakes Aquarium







We spent $72 to get two passes and my family of four was able to enjoy all three attractions. FYI- without the passes, admission to the three would have been over 100 bucks.

And these attractions aren't just for families with young kids. I saw several young couples enjoying their time (and cold adult beverages) on the boat and train ride.