I'm tired of seeing the snow, of talking about the snow, and actually told my husband that I think we could just light a blow torch and start melting it.  A little patch of green grass would be so nice to see right now.  That isn't our reality though and instead of seeing green grass, we are seeing some other interesting things.

The weight of the snow has been an issue for several schools and buildings in the area.  Last week, Gage Elementary School in Rochester and a school in Byron got out early due to structural concerns.  Century High School in Rochester also had an area of concern.  An awning in downtown Rochester was also damaged and closed the sidewalk for about a week while that was removed.

Now, I didn't see this with my own eyes but my friend, Charlotte, took this photo of Rochester Central Lutheran School and shared it on Facebook with the caption "This isn't something you see everyday. They are snowblowing the roof.".  

Credit: Charlotte Dance
Credit: Charlotte Dance

Yes...we are snowblowing our roofs.

(And I have officially started looking at houses in all places that don't get snow)

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