The 4th Street project is finally going to be finished next week! So as soon as it’s done and ready to open, they are going to close it again for an event. 😉

According to Megan Moeller, Communications Director for the Public Works Department: The City of Rochester is partnering with the DMC EDA, Public Health and We Bike Rochester to host a “Meet the New 4th Street SW” open house event on Thursday, August 29 from 3-7pm on 4th Street SW between 1st & 2nd Avenues SW. During this event, participants will be able to explore a portion of 4th Street SW to learn how to navigate the roadway. We will be closing half of 4th Street SW (the eastbound lanes) to vehicles and bringing in bicycles for participants to try out the bike facilities. The event area does include Rochester’s first bike box so this will prove to be a great educational opportunity. Participants can earn a free Flapdoodles ice cream and be entered into a drawing for a free bike by testing out the new bike lanes.

FYI, a bike box is an area located at intersections with traffic signals that allow a bicyclist to reposition themselves in front of the traffic. Cars are prohibited from turning right on red at these locations.

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