It's not every day one can say they have seen something 120 years old. Well, cross that off your bucket list as the City of Faribault's Facebook Page shared with residents what was found due to the total reconstruction of Highway 60 in Downtown Faribault. An 1899 quarter in a safe that was stuck down in a businesses basement! 

Due to the construction going on the owners of the Faribault Print Shop now had the opportunity to get a large safe out of their businesses basement. Work crews were planning on sealing up an old coal chute in the building when the request was made to help to remove the safe from the basement. As you can see from the photos in the City of Faribault's post, the safe doesn't look very light, to begin with.

Once they opened it, inside sat an 1899 quarter, which is worth roughly between $10 and $22 according to had the coin been in MINT condition, it could have been valued at over $1,500!

This isn't the first interesting find since the construction began. A few weeks ago the City of Faribault posted that an old wooden pipe was found under the street. I'm sure this 'ode road construction find' won't be the last either. Just remember to pay attention to the detour signs.


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