Recently I put up a Facebook poll that asked, "What's your favorite store-bought cookie?" Overwhelmingly the answer was "Oreos!" And so, I think it's important you know the Oreo Dunking Kits are coming back!

Where? Wal-Mart. They were pretty scarce last year, so make a note. Starting November 1, 2019, you'll be able to buy the kit for $17/98. The kit includes...

  • 13 cookies
  • 2 glass mugs
  • 2 special tongs
  • 2 cookie dispensers
  • Many napkins.

What more could you need for a fine Oreo-Fest? Right? Nothing. The tongs, which keep your fingers dry and your Oreo secure (once it falls in the milk, it is almost impossible to retrieve said milk drenched item with the cookie fully intact).

PS - There's no shame in buying the kit as a gift, and hiding away somewhere and enjoying it all by yourself. If that happens to be the bathroom, PLEASE lay down a FRESH clean towel first. Just for me.

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