Watching the collision between this deer and one of the backdoors at a Southern Minnesota restaurant caused me to winch in pain. The video shows a Basher's employee heading out the door with a ladder, and starting to set it up, when a deer darts past an enclosure and ran straight into the door!

Doesn't the deer look like it was being chased by something?

The video posted by Bashers Bar & Grill/Faribowl Bowling Center in Faribault this morning, shows the violent collision between the door and the deer, causing the deer to flip upside down!

Basher's captioned the video online "You never know who wants to get in and try Basher's awesome meals."

What might be more amusing is the man's reaction to the collision between the deer and the door, and then utilizing the ladder he was about to climb as something to separate himself from the speedy deer.

The deer, most likely dazed from the hit, runs off, after attempting to gain access to the bar/restaurant, and the man in the video is left looking startled and perplexed.

The guy checks out the door area, where the deer slammed into the wall/window area, set the ladder down, and then heads inside, probably to tell whoever is inside what just happened.

I guess we will just have to wait and see if Basher's posts any more video from the curious or hungry deer as it seemed to be determined to get inside, otherwise if you are on that side of town, keep your head on a swivel for running deer as you head into Bashers.

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