You can tell a dog is happy and smiling when they wag their tail. Tails won't be waggin' whenever you try to do this!

This is a picture of my son Ethan and our dog Maize. It's their first meeting. Somebody looks pretty uncomfortable, right? It's not Ethan.

The University of British Columbia in Canada found that our dogs really hate it when we hug them!

Researchers looked at 250 photos - like this one - of people hugging their dogs, and found the dogs were giving signs of being uncomfortable, stressed, or anxious in over 81% of them! They could tell just from the picture! Only 10% of the dogs were indifferent. 7% seemed to like them.

Now, Maize has warmed up to Ethan in the four years since he's been home with us. The researchers do admit that from looking at a picture, like this one of Maize, she could be part of the group that actually likes hugs. It could just be an awkward first meeting or an off moment. They still say that Maize would probably take a treat over a hug. What dog wouldn't?