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The new elementary school in Rochester is being built as I type this and it is looking amazing.  One thing that is missing though is a name, and Rochester Public Schools wants your help with this task.

Not too long ago, we were all asked to submit name suggestions for the new school that is being built in NW Rochester.  There was a form to fill out and some qualifications that were set as well for people to read and understand before throwing a name in the hat.  The deadline to give a suggestion has passed and now it is time to rank the names that are being considered.

Now until November 29th, Rochester Public Schools wants you to rank the name suggestions for the new school.  You can do that easily at their online survey that you can find here.  In December, the school board will receive 2 of the names to vote on and the work of finding a name for the new school will be done.

Sadly, my suggestion of Schooly McSchoolFace did not make the list, but here are the 5 names that the district is asking you to rank:

  • Henry Plummer Elementary School
  • Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School
  • Overland Elementary School
  • Sarah Burger Stearns
  • Wóksape

What's your favorite?  If you aren't sure why some of these names were suggested, explanations are explained in the survey.  Read those and don't forget to rank the names, which you can find here. 

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