This is a video taken in June of 2013 by Josh Kunze.   It's an aerial view of Rochester.  I figured it would be an awesome addition to our New Year's Eve.  It seem's that every time I turn around there is something new happening in this area.   I grew up here, and I remember a time when Rochester was way smaller than it is now for sure.   New houses, new buildings, more traffic, new roads.  It's pretty crazy when you think how much really can change in a short amount of time.   I used to be able to look out the windows of the home I grew up in and see nothing but farm fields.   Now, there is a large amount of traffic, a highway, a gas station, traffic lights, and more houses and corporate office buildings.

Life changed quite a bit for me this past year.  My daughter, now 18 has moved out into life on her own.   I guess you could say I am experiencing 'Empty Nest' syndrome.   What is so funny about that, is now when I look out and watch people, I wonder, am I just getting older?  I feel so old all of a sudden.  We are talking, like I aged 20 years in one.   CRAZY!  I used to be so busy running around, attending events, cleaning, cooking, etc, etc, and I guess it's all catching up to me all of a sudden.  It's probably because I have more time on my hands, and an empty nest.  What a huge change that is!   If you would have said to me five years ago that life would change so drastically, I would have never believed you.   I wonder what is in store for us in 2014?

Please stay safe tonight and I wish you all the best New Year's Eve!   It's a cyber toast, toasting to an exciting, new and different year!

Matt Cardy/Getty Images