It has been a while since a parent reached out for help...and this time it is about a mom's 9-year-old lying right to her face. Court Is In Session! Here's what "Allana" DM'd...

Hi, James! I'm a mom who listens when I wake up and in the car, too! So last night I was helping clean my son's room. I was picking up trash and found a marker without the cap on. I made a comment that now we have to throw it away. He then looks me straight in the face and says it's my hat he remembers I came in his room on Monday and took the cap off the marker. I didn't and I just made him go to bed and said his punishment will come tomorrow.

But when I talked it over with my husband he said it would have been better to issue the punishment right then and that he won't understand why he is in trouble. For clarification, he is nine years old. So is it best to do the punishment right away or was I fine in how I handled it?

What do you think, parents?

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