True to form, Paris Jackson isn't backing down from paparazzi who tried to use her late father Michael's name to shame her, and she's telling shutterbugs far and wide that if they use such tactics, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Late Wednesday (September 5) night, Paris tweeted that as she was leaving a fashion show, she was predictably surrounded by paparazzi. What she didn't expect, though, was the methods some used to try to elicit a reaction from her.

"i just got yelled at in a really mean way outside the tom ford show because paparazzi didn’t get a chance to shoot my face," she wrote. "(for those of you that don’t know, paps don’t get paid unless my face is in the shot.) 'michael would have never done that!!' ugh!!. He did...a lot lol."

"does no one remember the hundreds of unique disguises he came up with all the time? the f---," she added.

And many swooped in to Paris' defense, calling the reference to Michael — who died in 2009 — disgusting. More, followers corroborated her insistence that, yes, Michael did indeed — and frequently — shield his face and his children's faces from photographers.

"He even disguised YOUR face, and your brothers, with veils. Greedy Paps will yell literally anything to provoke you and get paid. I hope this doesn’t ruin your night," one wrote, while another noted "Really sorry to hear that, darling. The way they use your father as a personal attack is purely evil. He surely did, you're right. Keep doing you! you've got nothing to apologise for. Sending love always. hope you're okay."

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