I just learned people have reviewed the Hollywood sign. And a lot of people were NOT impressed. Here are two reviews that caught my eye.

Ryan Maginn *

Kayla Henry *
My 4 year old daughter almost slipped down the moutain. My twin 10 monnth old girls stroller almost fell down the moutain. My 2 year old son almost fell of the rough moutain. My husband cheated on me near the hollywood sign with a stripper.Their names are Aubrey, Audrey, Aiden, and Annalyn.  (source)

a) Why would there be hot chocolate at the Hollywood Sign? It's literally like hiking to see the back of a billboard.

ii) Are Abrey, Audrey, Aiden, and Annalyn Kayla's kids or the strippers?

Anyway, reading those reviews immediately got me thinking about Rochester. How well are our landmarks and places reviewed?  Were there any children and/or strippers causing trouble for spouses?

Not that I could find, no...but some grumpy people, yes!

  • 1

    Ear of Corn Water Tower 4.1 Stars

    1300 Fairgrounds Ave SE, Rochester, MN

    It's just a water tower, right? Nope...it's something people drive from all over the world to see! Review highlights include...
    Angela Hanson ***
    I was expecting originality but in truth found it a bit corny.
    Stephen Riechel *****
    We are all Children of the corn
    Mike Stolp-Smith *****
    I expected nothing, and it gave me everything.
    Branden Patten *
    It's not real corn.
    I've always wanted to do the Y-105FM Early Morning Show from it! No, really. If you know someone that can make this happen, click here, OK?

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    Plummer Building 4.8 Stars

    100 2nd St SW, Rochester, MN

    It's a gorgeous old building, historic in so many ways, the stonework, the bells, the huge front doors, the Mayo Brothers' offices, and the woodwork and art? Out of this world! Most every good review said something like this...

    Joe Arant *****
    Beautiful architecture and history of Mayo Clinic. A must see in Rochester.
    Then there's Francis. Francis liked it a lot, except...
    Francis H. *
    Cool, but you wouldn't go out of your way to see it.

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    Plummer House 4.8 Stars

    1091 Plummer Ln SW, Rochester, MN

    Of course, everyone loves the Plummer House. It is amazeballs! A typical review...

    Isaiah54117 *****
    Beautiful garden. Beautiful home. You will forget that you're in a metropolitan area.
    Well, everyone but Stephanie. She stopped by in 2017 when we must have had the city closed up for the barn raisin'. ((sheesh, Stephanie...cut us some slack, we just got running water))
    Stephenie J Eden Prairie *
    Drove over 2 hours to Rochester on the weekend to explore the city as a tourist and NOTHING OPEN!! Guess they don't want tourism business!

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    Mayowood Mansion 5 Stars

    3720 Mayowood Rd SW, Rochester, MN

    Built in 1911, by Charlie Mayo, it's a 38 room house with tons of art, beautiful gardens, antique furniture and more.
    Angelina Mcdonald *****
    Our tour guide Grace was amazing! She knew so much about the family and their home, it made the tour even more memorable! I can't wait to go back and hopefully see the ballroom finished!
    Karly S from Covington, Louisiana *
    VERY upset she was told she couldn't wear her backpack thru the house while other women were allowed to carry their purses. Also, the tour guide carried an insulated water container and put it down on things. The horror KS must have experienced.

  • 5

    Mayo Civic Center 4.6

    30 Civic Center Dr SE, Rochester, MN

    A 4.6 is pretty darn good! Everyone thinks we're great!  Except for JB...he doesn't like being shushed.
    Jerusha B
    I'll never come here again. They asked me to quiet down multiple times. This place is ridiculous.

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