I've been laughing since lunch yesterday. I was at a local restaurant (where gramma is in the kitchen) and overheard a guy complaining about his love life...and a lizard! I was enjoying my egg salad sandwich (the best in town), reading the story of St Mary's someone left behind, and the guy next to me got louder and louder.


He was talking about his ex, and how she was "no good from the start." I tried not to listen, but then I heard the funny thing. I think he meant "I was doomed from the get-go.", but what came out was, "I was doomed from the gecko!"

So, either I wrongly assumed his ex was a human, or he doesn't know it's "from the get-go." And honestly, I kinda prefer to think he was dating a gecko. ps- I asked around, and a LOT of people think it's 'gecko' not 'get-go.'


A "repository" is a place to store stuff. Talking to a guy at Thursday's On First a few minutes ago, he was arguing with a woman about the new Mayo system, Epic. I know her, she knows what she's talking about. I know him, he almost NEVER knows what he's talking about.

Especially in this conversation where he revealed he keeps his brains in the wrong place when he said, "I've read about it, and I have a tremendous suppository of knowledge."


A scapegoat is someone you blame for something they did NOT do...happens in politics all the time. But last week my co-worker Troy said we shouldn't use someone as an  "escape goat."  Of course not, If you need a goat to escape, you hire a goat. Duh.


This one...this one's not for me, tho, technically, she's right about it. I have a friend named Florence (she's 26, it's a family tradition, apparently designed to ruin a kids life at least once each generation). She loves karaoke and becomes visibly agitated when people pronounce it kuh-row-key.  It's kare-eee-oh-key. So please, for a gal saddled with Great Great Great Aunt Flo's name, cut her some slack and say it her way, ok? She has enough to deal with as it is.


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