How do you get free stuff? Complain, that's what most Rochester people are saying. Check these stories out! I asked "What Did You Get Free by Complaining" on Y-105FM's Facebook page, and while some people got free stuff by being nice, more people got freebies by pointing out a problem. That's the nice way of saying it, right?

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Shelley said...

Delta gave me a huge gift basket of nuts, crackers, lotions, and towels along with bonus miles after I complained.

Well done! I'm always in a good mood when someone gives me food. the towels are a bonus!

Katherine is one of those showing how compliments work...

I bought Tyson’s boneless barbecue wings and there was no sauce on them so they sent me two coupons for a free box. I complimented Purina and they sent me three $1 off coupons and two 2 free cans of pet food. You don’t have to complain to get goodies.

Jon ran into the right hotel manager!

Gave us the wrong room, a.c. not working, and our luggage disappeared for a night. We got honeymoon suite, free tickets to 2 amusement parks, food credits, and lifetime discount at the hotel. We actually didn't complain, the manager was appalled that nobody tried to make it better at the times things happened.

Desirae and the value of patience...

Four free appetizers because no one had bothered to come and serve us for thirty minutes.


Free home delivery from a custom purchase at Menards, after 27 days with no counter tops and no kitchen sink. they delivered our countertops to our house. Plus after the order was done wrong, they recut one piece and re-did the whole entire order!

And finally, Danielle with the customer service rep that obviously didn't really listen to the complaint. Also known as, "Let me give you more to complain about..."

Fuel line additive. Wrote a letter to them complaining that when your fingers are frozen in zero degrees weather, I can't squeeze and pull off a cap to get it open at the gas station. They sent me a box of their products with another bottle made the same way.

Pro Tip: Listen to the customer!

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