Lately, Pete Davidson has been revealing a lot about his relationship with fiancée Ariana Grande. Besides the details about their sex life given in his interview with Howard Stern, the Saturday Night Live comic appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers, where he revealed how the couple came to adopt their unconventional pet.

"Can I just say, this girl, she was like, ‘I want a pig!’ And then an hour later it was just there,” Davidson told Meyers. “Like I’m still trying to get a Propecia refill for the last two weeks and this chick got a pig in a f--king hour.”

With as much star power as Grande has, it's not too far-fetched to believe she adopted the pig that fast. Meyers then showed an adorable picture of the pig, named Piggie Smalls, making it easy to understand why Grande wanted a pig so bad. Davidson also pointed out that while they thought the pig was going to remain small, Piggie Smalls is actually big now. He pointed at the picture and says, "That was like a week ago and he's doubled or tripled that now." Instead of being put off by how fast the pig has grown, Davidson is fully embracing it. "I want it to get big and fat," Davidson said with a laugh.

Watch, below:

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson in New York City

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