I get a lot of telemarking calls, but no phone-scams. None. Until today. I was at work when it came in. And I have to say, "Holy crap...scammers ignore me and then send me this lousy stuff?" Click play...listen, read along. Ugh. Cheapness. The voice sounded like it was the 1980's!

James Rabe - Used with permission.
Kidney Dangerfield and James Rabe - Used with permission.

So, obviously, I'm disappointed. Maybe the next one will be better. Maybe they'll tell me my Month of James mascot, Kidney Dangerfield, was drinking too much while on vacation in Cancun, tried to hitch-hike in the hotel swimming pool, and is under arrest. He needs money for a lawyer and bail or he may spend the rest of his life or a few days in jail! Well, the jokes on them. I swore the last time I would NOT rescue him. He'll just have to figure it out for himself. Maybe he sits in jail for a few days, thinks it over, and changes his ways. I don't know, I love the guy, but he gets out of hand! It's tough love, sure, but won't it surprise the phone scammers (scroll past the ad)...

PSer: We need $500 in Target Gift Cards.
Me: N'yah.
PSer: Your loved one is in jail!
Me: And he'll stay there to learn his lesson!
PSer: ....
ME: Besides...his cellmates will love to have an organ to play. ((rim shot sound effect over phone))
PSer: ... ((click))

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