Seriously... what's the deal? Is it really so horrible? 

If I'm ordering from most pizza places, my choice is almost always ham, mushrooms, extra cheese. But, every now and then, you bet I throw some pineapple on there. Heck, yeah. Haven't in a while, but now I kind of want to, just to tell these meanies to go take a flying leap into a pineapple can.

I found some pineapple pizza war history from Know Your Meme...

The Hawaiian Pizza was created in 1962 by Sam Panopoulous at the Satellite Restaurant in Toronto, Canada.[1] While pineapple has been a popular pizza topping since then, it has also long been the target of hatred. The earliest known internet thread about the topic was posted to Neogaf on January 17th, 2009 by TheGrayGhost.[2]

Pineapple on pizza... yes or no?

I say yes, even if it's just cheap, canned pineapple. But I'm not willing to fight you over it. Not with fists, anyway.

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