If there's one thing people who own dogs know, it's this: They love treats! Evidently, some businesses also know this, and they are prepared. After all, a happy dog often means a happy owner/customer.

A website called, The I Love Dogs Site shares some places that offer dogs special perks. In an article called '10 Restaurants & Coffee Shops with "Secret" Menu Items for Dogs' they share various establishments around the country that cater to dogs and their owners.

Looking through the list, I noticed that only two of the places even exist around here, but here's the scoop, if you're interested.

According to the story, Starbuck's offers canine customers something called a 'Puppicino', which is an espresso-sized paper cup that they fill with whipped cream. Not always the best thing for a dog to have, but a freebie, nonetheless.

The article says that Dairy Queen also supposedly offers dogs a treat in the form of a 'pup cup', which is basically a small cup of soft-served vanilla ice cream.

It got me wondering two things. First, does anybody know if our area Starbuck's or Dairy Queen franchises partake in these special treats for dogs?

And, second, are there any places in our area that offer dogs special treats? I know my dog has been treated at the bank in the past. Where else does your dog get something special in Rochester or elsewhere in Southeast Minnesota?