In March of 2017, Rochester got excited because we were going to have the chance to order a pizza for delivery AND have 'em deliver a movie, too. Jeff Kiger said, "Mozzarella and movies are a classic combo." He was right, and Marco's Pizza opened right next to Family Video on Elton Hills Drive.

Sadly, the combo wasn't classic enough and the dream didn't last. Sharp-eyed listener Courtney Lawson was the first to notice and send in these pictures!

A call to Family Video and Jake filled me in saying in the nine-months Marcos was open, it just wasn't making enough money, and Friday, corporate closed it up. Marcos was the nations's third fastest growing franchises in 2017, with over 900 stores across 35 states and 4 countries.

Will someone put another pizza place in there? No idea, but our source, Courtney, Executive Director of NAMI-Southeastern Minnesota, has an idea.

"I want to buy it and make it 24/7 Trailer Park Boys. Plus, I'll have a sign that says, "Free beer and 24 Hour English Patient Marathon Tomorrow."

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