For those of you in the Rochester area who love sushi and other authentic Japanese cuisine, we may just have some great news to share with you!

Sushi Nishiki, located near the north Target store, closed back in November. Word on the street was that it was only temporary, but as the weeks and months rolled on without the restaurant reopening its doors, people began to wonder if the closure was actually permanent.

Now, we’ve been hearing word that the restaurant is, indeed, open again. On social media, the Sushi Nishiki Facebook page posted its last entry back on October 31, 2015 and hasn't posted since.

But we received some news from Sammi Yee, who, according to her Facebook page, is the restaurant’s manager. She sent us a message to tell us that they are open for business once more.

That will certainly be music to the ears of all those who frequented the award-winning eatery in the past!