A hugely popular Rochester salon is opening another location. Will that make it FIVE in the RST? Will they be new Kwik Trip...seems like you see 'em everywhere, and now, it'll be the same for...

Great Clips!  I found out not from my usual "What's opening/closing in Rochester" spy network, but by talking about steaks. I was at the big meat sale out in front of Scheel's, and George (George the Meat Man) said he needed to get a haircut, where should he go. I said, "Go see Alyssa at Great Clips. Love her. She's the best. THE BEST!"

Then I showed him the app, and how to check in (love that app...saves me a phone call and I don't even need to be in the salon to check in)! That's when I saw it...


It'll be in the Barlow Plaza and tho I couldn't get an open date, I can't imagine it'll be long before it opens if it's on their app. UPDATE: Alert listeners tell me Octoberish...and, sadly, the Wal Mart location will be closed when the BP one opens. I still haven't heard back from Corporate, but when I do, I'll update.

ROCHESTER HISTORY QUIZ: There used to be a salon in the Barlow Plaza, only a few steps from Mestads. Do you remember what it was? Scroll down for the answer.

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ANSWER: The Barbers, by City Looks. I used to get my hair cut there!

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