A popular store that started in Australia just opened up its second store in Minnesota!  If you are needing clothes for kids, The Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota is now home to another adorable clothing store for kids!


New Store Now Open at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

Last year, when The Children's Place closed at The Apache Mall in Rochester, I felt like we had a void for shopping choices for kids.  I know there are others in town but I loved that store because the clothes in that store were so adorable and the quality was amazing!  If you've got little ones, here's some good news for you!  According to the Apache Mall's Facebook page and website, a new store called Cotton On Kids is now open at the Apache Mall.

Cotton On Kids is now open in the JCPenney wing!

Cotton On Kids has a range of Girls, Boys & Baby Clothes, Toys, Decor & more. Find all your favorites at great prices.



Popular Australian Store Now Has 5 Locations in the United States and 2 are in Minnesota

I know I had no idea what Cotton On Kids was when I first heard the news that it opened up in Rochester but it is not a stranger to Minnesota.  There is already another store in Minnetonka at Ridgedale Center.

At the moment, Minnesota is taking the lead with the most stores.  According to the Cotton On Kids website, there are 3 other stores in the United States, including one in Colorado, Texas, and Tennessee.

Learn more about the new store at the Cotton On Kids website.

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