The Renaissance Festival is going strong over in Shakopee, Minnesota. But while people were leaving the festival parking grounds over the weekend, some strange lights were spotted pretty close by. One visitor captured photos, too.

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What Did the Lights Look Like?

In the photos shared in the Quirky Minnesota Places Facebook group, the lights are in a perfect circle, kind of like UFOs you'd see in the movies.

Unidentified Flying Object UFO

People in the Comments Didn't Believe

However, in the comments of this guy's post, people were kind of ripping him apart disputing his idea that it may be a UFO. But I have to agree, this definitely isn't a UFO that was spotted outside of Ren Fest.

While I like to entertain the idea that aliens exist and all of that good stuff, I just can't go with this one because I know exactly what it is.

So What Are The Lights That Were in the Sky by Ren Fest?

Those lights in a perfect circle over by Ren Fest are none other than...

James Vallee via Facebook
James Vallee via Facebook

Mystic Lake Casino. Yeah, not terribly exciting. I was pretty sure that was what the lights were as soon as I saw the pictures and everyone in the comments section knew it too. I even double-checked on Google Maps to make sure the locations made sense and they do.

rochester on tap craft beer festival
Rochester On Tap, Townsquare Media Event
Google Maps
Google Maps

You'd definitely be able to see Mystic's lights from Ren Fest. And having grown up in the southern Twin Cities, I know that sometimes those lights can just sit in one position. Usually they move but sometimes they just sit like that and look a lot like a UFO.

I definitely don't blame this guy for thinking it was a UFO, though. If you're not from the area there's no way you'd know there's a casino that does that every night.

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