I've been working with Lifetime Eye Care since late winter to address my presbyopia.  Whats presbyopia, you say?  Its that stage in every forty-something's life when your eyes can't quite see like they used to and you have to move your head and or your arm to help your eyes work better.  One day you're sitting there, everything is cool and the next, you can't read the shade on the bottom of your lipstick tube.

No one said getting older is easy!

So, I have a great pair of frames with Varilux Progressive Lenses, but I wanted to try progressive contacts as well.  Progressive contacts you say?!  It's true and they are great!  Now, if you are like me, you're probably thinking, how does that work?  (This is the number one question people ask me progressive contacts, by the way!)  Are they weighted on one edge so gravity keeps the bi-focal part where it needs to be?  Nope.  It's much more simple than that.  The bi-focal part of the lens goes all the way around the lens so no matter where it is, it'll be just where it needs to be, helping you see better once again.

The best thing about working with Lifetime Eye Care is that Dr. Sivertson and Dr. Anderson work with you through as many appointments as you need to try different brands of lenses, different strengths of prescription, different lenses in each eye, or I've even tried daily disposable progressive lenses!

If you are a contact wearer and presbyopia is becoming an issue for you, I urge you to give progressive contacts a try.  Give Lifetime Eyecare in Rochester-or Family Eye Care in Austin- a call and set up an exam to find out what your options are.  I'm sure you'll be as happy with their service as I have been.  (And tell them thanks from me!)

Lifetime Eye Care on 37th St NW at 3632 10th Ln NW,  507-282-7121

Family Eye Care at 200 14th St NW,  507-437-3227

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