Earlier this year I accepted Lifetime Eyecare's offer to grow up. Hold on, that didn't come out quite right! Let me start over again:
After five years of noticing that my eyesight wasn't quite what it *used* to be, I finally decided to do something about my presbyopia. What's presbyopia you say? It's when you can't quite see whatever you're looking at without moving it away from your face. Also known as: trombone arms. (OK, not really known as that, but you get what I mean, right?)
I went to Lifetime Eyecare and found out I only needed a slight correction to reduce the blurred vision, eyestrain and tired eyes I had been experiencing. Working as a team, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Sivertson figured out my correction so I could get a great new pair of Varilux Progressive Lens frames. It's almost as if I've turned back the clock in regards to my eyesight...so to speak!


If you are hitting your late thirties to mid-forties and are finally ready to do something about your trombone arms, please do what I did and give Lifetime Eyecare in Rochester-or Family Eye Care in Austin- a call and set up an exam to find out what your options are.  I'm sure you'll be as happy with their service as I have been.  (And tell them thanks from me!)

Lifetime Eye Care on 37th St NW at 3632 10th Ln NW,  507-282-7121

Family Eye Care at 200 14th St NW,  507-437-3227

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