The Rochester School Board is expected to vote this evening on whether to utilize a change in the state’s school funding system approved by the state legislature that could provide the school district with a boost in revenues, while also increasing property taxes.

It basically allows the district to convert up to $300 dollars per pupil of voter-approved referendum revenue to school board-approved referendum revenue. When combined with $424 of what’s termed “local option revenue,” the district could generate $724 dollars per pupil instead of the $565 dollars per pupil generated by the existing operating referendums.

The change in state law would also allow the school board to renew the $300 dollars per pupil revenue in five year increments without putting a referendum before voters.

It’s estimated the change would boost the district’s funding by $2.9-million dollars a year while adding about $45 dollars a year to the school property taxes on a $150,000 dollar home.